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About us

We are the Swiss gateway to cryptocurrencies for a decentralized future.

Our company's journey into the world of cryptocurrencies began in 2014. Bity was founded on the conviction that blockchains, and other technologies for decentralization, will have some of the most profound social implications in history, and that's something we wanted to be part of.

Mission and values

Together we are exploring and challenging the boundaries of traditional finance by opening up the world to a decentralized economy through the blockchain. We strive to create a future where any transaction that can be made with fiat money can also be made with cryptocurrencies, but empowering people to always be in complete control of their own funds.

Our mission

To build a universal cryptocurrency gateway that provides secure and reliable products and services.

Our goal

To empower digital nations.

We believe in:

  • Created with Sketch. A decentralized economy that will help to build a better financial world, one that is fair and accessible to everyone.
  • Created with Sketch. Being technologically agnostic.
  • Created with Sketch. Protecting individual rights.
  • Created with Sketch. Focusing on stability, integrity, security, privacy, and innovation.

Our partners

Our history

A forward-thinking Swiss portal into the world of crypto-currencies, Bity SA has been a renowned crypto-finance company since its inception in 2014. As a leading universal provider, it allows you to keep control of your funds securely.

Why Bity

As a Swiss company, we manage ourselves within a legal environment, with a high regard for data protection and privacy, and a strong financial ecosystem.

Some other benefits of choosing us as your crypto finance services provider include:

Created with Sketch. Compliance: Audited by KPMG, Oversight by Swiss regulators.
Created with Sketch. Years spent building trusted and reliable Swiss and European banking partnerships.
Created with Sketch. We provide a platform accepting multiple currencies: cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH), and fiat (EUR, CHF) with easy integration for developers (API).
Created with Sketch. We focus on privacy, automation, and delivering our crypto products and services with the highest quality Swiss standards in everything we do.

Media kit

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