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Crypto Exchange API

Give your customers the ability to buy, sell, and trade crypto directly from your business platform, seamlessly, securely and transparently.

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Give your customers the tools they need to seamlessly and transparently enter and exit the crypto market. Our Crypto Exchange API allows your customers to instantly buy, sell, and swap crypto directly through your own platform.
This API will be fully operational and we will be ready to start new partnerships by the second half of March 2019. While you can already place orders in our platform with this API, some details may change in the meantime. If you are interested in partnering with us, we suggest contacting us as soon as possible to get the process started.

Go to market in days, not months.

We’ve made the API integration process as easy as possible, requiring minimal development time from your team. We give you the power to offer your customers access to crypto without your company having to spend time creating the necessary infrastructure, banking relationships, or regulatory compliance. Through the API, your users avoid tedious KYC verification processes as well.

We did the hard work so you don't have to

Adding our Crypto Exchange API to your platform can create a valuable additional service offering for your customers that requires minimal effort, no investment, and opens up your business to more revenue potential.

How it works

Our Crypto Exchange API enables programmable instant buys, sells, and swaps / trades of cryptocurrencies and tokens without your customers having to create an account, or go through a tedious KYC process, on Our API is different from traditional Crypto Exchange API integrations. As a financial intermediary, we never hold or take ownership of your customer funds, which eliminates custodial risk.

This instant cryptocurrency buy, sell, and swap automation is possible thanks to our new wallet-ownership-proof verification technology that allows us to offer KYC-less, yet regulation compliant, cryptocurrency exchange services online, up to 5000 CHF per year, for your customers.

Third-parties integrating our Crypto Exchange API in their platform will also be eligible for partnering with us for profit sharing opportunities. This partnership model has been successfully implemented with since the beginning of 2017. Now that our Crypto Exchange API is reaching maturity, we are offering it at scale to multiple third-parties.

Exchange API interface


  • Secure, fast, reliable, and easy crypto transactions for your customers.
  • Low transaction fees.
  • Competitive rates updated in real time.
  • Buy, sell, or swap Ether (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC), and buy Augur (REP), currently available, with more token and digital assets support coming soon.
  • CHF and EUR fiat currencies accepted.
  • Your customers can buy, swap, or sell up to 5’000 CHF in cryptocurrencies a year without registering or providing identity verification on Bity.



  • No registration or KYC required.
  • Complete up to 5'000 CHF in buy and sell volume per year, per address/IBAN.


  • You must register an account on and complete our KYC process to Expert level.
  • Can generate an API token to place authenticated orders for unlimited buy and sell volume through your account.


  • Your company must complete our Know Your Partner (KYP) process and have a formal agreement contract with
  • Can generate an API token so that your users can complete up to 5'000 CHF in buy and sell volume per year, per address/IBAN.
  • Enjoy profit sharing based on the API integration's performance / volume.

Benefits of choosing our API

Choosing our Crypto Exchange API for your platform comes with a number of unique and attractive benefits:
  • Free integration for both individuals and businesses.
  • Seamless and easy to integrate in both new or existing platforms with clear and detailed documentation for developers.
  • We offer reliable support, service, and have been industry leaders in crypto finance since 2014.
  • We are fully regulated and compliant with Swiss Anti Money-Laundering law, audited by VQF.
  • High liquidity.
  • We don’t hold customer funds, eliminating custodial risk.
  • Registered and approved partners enjoy profit sharing based on the API integration’s performance.
  • Quick and easy commission payout process.
Bity API documentation page

Who should integrate our Crypto Exchange API?

Any individual or business can benefit from integrating our cryptocurrency exchange API into their platform, website, or application. Companies we feel that will greatly benefit from our API integration include, but are not limited to:

  • Wallet applications that want to offer fiat on/off ramps for their users.
  • Blockchain based video games for in-game tokens.
  • ICO’s to distribute tokens outside of pre-sale.
  • Decentralized apps that want to make it easy for their users to access their community from the fiat world.

  • Non-profits and charitable foundations that want to allow payments in fiat/crypto and keep their savings in the opposite type of currency.

Any decentralized entity that has a need for it’s users to buy, sell, or trade crypto should integrate our API.

Restrictions and limitations

All third parties interested in partnering with us for Crypto Exchange API profit sharing are required to complete the standard KYP procedure. If third parties reside in a high-risk country, they will also have to complete a video conference with us.
All non-verified customers are limited in both selling (crypto to fiat) and buying (fiat to crypto) to non-high-risk countries. The Crypto Exchange API will refuse orders where fiat money would be sent/received to/from high-risk countries. These limitations can be lifted after going through our KYC process.

Get integrated

Ready to give your customers the ability to buy, sell, and swap bitcoin or ether? Our API site has everything you need to seamlessly integrate crypto transaction capabilities into your platform quickly and easily. Head over to our API documentation to begin.

Become a partner

If your company would like to partner with us for profit sharing opportunities through our API, please register an account with us as your company entity and get verified to expert level. Once verified as expert, open a support ticket and let our support team know you’re interested in beginning the Crypto Exchange API partnership approval process.

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