Become a Crypto ATM distributor

We are looking for business owners who want to add a Crypto ATM to their location. Whether you are a restaurant, salon, grocery store, bar, currency exchange or something else, we are looking for you.

Bity ATM

Benefits of adding a BTM to your business location:

  • Be a part of a growing community and exciting technology that’s changing the future of finance.

  • Increase you customer reach and target audience while adding more foot traffic, and valuable sales opportunities, to your store.

  • We offer attractive profit sharing percentages based on total volume the BTM processes per month.

  • Some of our distributors earn more than one employee’s salary per month in profits!

  • Help: FAQs, guides and support are here for you.

  • No technical knowledge or support assistance required.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • Increase your SEO and digital presence: your store will be featured on coinatmradar, Google locations, our website, blog posts, and social pages.

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