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OTC Trading

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly and privately with our global Over-The-Counter Trading desk.

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Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading gives traders and investors who want to execute large orders of cryptocurrency the ability to do so quickly, conveniently, and privately. OTC orders are made directly with other traders and executed off the exchange order books which helps avoid market manipulation that may end up negatively affecting pricing and reducing purchasing power.

How it works

Our global desk offers personalized and private OTC services for traders wanting to execute large transactions that would otherwise cause liquidity problems on the market.
OTC trading is available for a wide range of cryptocurrencies and digital assets including, but not limited to, bitcoin, ether, and augur.

Why trade OTC with Bity?

  • Low and flat rate fees per transaction
  • Fast settlements
  • Take advantage of our connections with nearly every major crypto exchange across the world
  • We offer a no-nonsense approach to OTC. Our team works hard to offer our clients the best market price with the most purchasing power we can find
  • Transparency and protecting our client’s interests is our top priority

Automated liquidity

We offer ongoing automated liquidity through our platform and API for every transaction at or below 500k.

  • Unlimited transactions
  • BTC, ETH supported
  • CHF and EUR fiat accepted

For transactions of 500k and more: we offer manual and unlimited executions through our platform.

Ready to get started?

If you’re interested in automated liquidity or OTC trading, please register for an account and get verified to the Expert level. Once verified as Expert level, open a support ticket in your account dashboard to begin.

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