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KYC & AML Compliance Suite

Raise funds worry-free with Bity‘s KYC-AML Suite—Switzerland‘s compliance solution since 2014. Launch your ICO or token sale with confidence, meeting all FINMA requirements effortlessly.

Why Your Company Needs Our Compliance Suite

Fast-Track Compliance, Unlock Opportunities

Navigate the regulatory maze with our expert KYC/AML services. Required by FINMA for all fund transfers in Switzerland, our comprehensive compliance service streamlines the due diligence and identity verification process for ICOs and token projects. Choose us to efficiently handle these complex requirements, ensuring your fundraising journey is seamless, legal, and successful.

Why Choosing Bity

Regulatory pioneer

Navigating Compliance with Precision: As a regulated Swiss financial intermediary, we‘re certified to verify ICOs and entities in Switzerland, ensuring full regulatory compliance.

Compliance Assurance

Dedication to Standards: We adhere strictly to FINMA guidelines at every step, guaranteeing a thorough and uncompromised compliance process.

Verification Vigilance

Expertise in Action: Our team, with years of experience and a commitment to ethics, delivers top-tier verification services with unwavering dedication.

Privacy Commitment

Safeguarding Your Data: We are relentless in protecting your privacy, ensuring your information remains secure and confidential.

Swiss Banking Synergy

Ensuring Smooth Transactions: Our strong Swiss banking partnerships offer unparalleled assurances for the execution of fiat payments.

Complex Structure

Embracing Organizational Diversity: Our proficiency extends to handling intricate company structures with ease, setting us apart in the Swiss crypto finance sector.

Currency Conversions

Flexible Financial Solutions: We accept a range of fiat and cryptocurrencies, offering conversion to your preferred final currency including USD, CHF, EUR, BTC, and ETH.

Crypto-Finance Bridge

Bridging Financial Worlds: We provide a secure and dependable conduit between traditional finance and the evolving realm of crypto finance.

How it works

Start your ICO or project journey by establishing your KYC verified account with us— then follow the guide.

Bity Api
You provide us with a complete list of your potential investors‘ email addresses.
Bity Api
We will provide you with instructions on how to have your investors contact us to begin the verification process.
Bity Api
Once contacted by your investors, we will begin the KYC and AML verification process.
Bity Api
Once KYC and AML is successfully completed, we will provide payment instructions to your verified investors. Should they not have or do not want to pay in the entities preferred final currency, we will offer our exchange services.
Bity Api
The collected funds will then be submitted directly by the investors or through our exchange tool, as applicable. Once the funds are cleared, we will provide your investors with a confirmation of their payment. This receipt can be used to present to tax authorities to confirm origin or funds if ever requested.
Bity Api
Acting as your escrow agent, we will hold the funds and transfer them to you within the required deadline.
Bity Api
Once the sale is closed, we will provide you with a final statement of all transactions processed through the escrow account, on request.

Get Started

If your ICO or other token generating project is ready to learn more about how our team of experts can help you secure your funds in compliance with Swiss regulation, then please contact us below.

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